Nintendo of America announced this morning that Mario Golf Super Rush will be receiving a free title update later today. 

Mario Golf Super Rush Receives New Map, Toadette, and Ranked Mode Today

This update will bring a Ranked Match mode, a new playable character Toadette, New Donk City as a brand new course, and improved motion controls.

Nintendo shared a little more detail about the Ranked Mode coming to Super Rush. In a series of screenshots, which can be seen below, we see rankings ranging from C- to B+ across a variety of different modes.

It seems you can earn points to rank up based on things like your match score, participation bonus, and if you defeated players of a higher rank. 

This is a great addition for players looking for a long-term grind in the game, or simply to have some bragging rights over your friends. 

The new map, New Donk City can be briefly seen in the trailer Nintendo put out for the update. Tall buildings line the streets forcing players to have to bounce their shots and come up with clever ways to get around the streets.   

Toadette’s super swing packs a punch as she pulls out a pickaxe to clobber the ball straight down the fairway. 

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