Madden NFL 25 – Top 5 Player Lists

Four Top 5 player lists for each position in Madden NFL 25

Here we provide four Top 5 player lists for each position in Madden NFL 25. One is the official list by Overall rating from EA SPORTS, while the next gives our personal favorites. Then we highlight the top rookies, and finally we point out a few unknown sleepers you might want to check out.

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These are the official ratings from EA SPORTS listing the top players at each position. All of these players are Pro Bowl caliber, and many are on their way to the Hall of Fame. Every season, gamers quickly load up the rosters for Madden NFL to see which players have the highest ratings in the game. Every Overall rating is analyzed by each team’s fans and of course its rivals. The players on this list have consistently out-performed their peers and are considered the best players in the league. These players have the statistics to be ranked above their peers and are expected to repeat these performances, especially if they want to stay on this list.


While EA SPORTS does a tremendous job rating players, all fans love to dig through the ratings and argue for their favorite players and teams. By testing out every team, player, and rating in the game, ZFarls and SGibs have developed some of their own favorite players they think can win you more games in Madden NFL 25. Many of these players can be found on the EA SPORTS list, but all of them are worthy of checking out and taking out for a test run this season. Each player has a unique style and blend of ratings that gives him a distinctive feel, and by testing them out you can learn which players are most effective for how you want to play the game.


Every season, thousands of hours of scouting and work go into the NFL Draft, which determines where college talent ends up in the NFL. All of the rookies discussed here have a special style and blend of ratings that can make them huge factors during the course of a Madden NFL season. Many factors determine which rookies are at the top of their position, including draft order, which team selected them, style, and position. Never overlook a rookie just because you haven’t seen him play on Sunday yet. Last season, three rookie QBs made huge impacts early in their careers, and there will surely be more at every position this season. Here are our favorite rookies at each position in Madden NFL 25!


Not every player in Madden NFL 25 is a superstar yet—many players are still working their way up the depth chart, and some are even fighting to make the team. It would be a mistake to overlook players who aren’t household names yet. Many of these players, despite not having great Overall ratings, are still very capable of helping your team win games in Madden NFL 25. We have put together this list to help determine which players are sleepers in Madden NFL 25. It takes 53 players to win on Sunday, and with this list, you should see some future stars who will really help fill out your roster at each position.
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