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Madden NFL 18 Predicts another Super Bowl Win for Brady and the Patriots

by Josh Hawkins

Every year that the Super Bowl rolls around, EA SPORTS takes to the latest game in the Madden series and tries to predict the outcome of the year’s biggest football game. This year the results are in, and Madden NFL 18 is predicting that Tom Brady and the Patriots will walk away with a victory over the Eagles at 24-20.

On top of predicting the final score for the game, EA SPORTS have also predicted that Tom Brady will walk away as the MVP of Super Bowl LII, racking in three touchdowns, one interception, and a fantastic 342 passing yards throughout the game. The team has also predicted quite a few other notable highlights that will take place throughout the game. We’ve included them below for anyone interested in learning more about the annual predictions.

Madden NFL 18 Predicts that:

  • The Eagles will score the first touchdown of the game.
  • They’ll hold down the Patriots to one field goal before they answer with one of their own.
  • The Patriots will rebound with two touchdown passes. The Eagles will continue to keep it close, though, with a late field goal.
  • Finally, the Eagles will turn up the heat on Brady by sacking him twice to force an interception that will turn into a touchdown for the Eagles as the game heads into the fourth quarter.
  • In the fourth quarter of the game, Brady will throw a touchdown pass over to Danny Amendola, securing another win for the New England team.

The Madden Super Bowl predictions have become a bit of a thing over the past few years, especially when you consider the fact that the game has been right at least twice now over the past few years. Back in 2015 EA SPORTS revealed their predictions, stating that the Patriots-Seahawks final score would tally up at 28-24, with New England trailing behind into the third quarter before they made their comeback. They also predicted that Julian Edelman would score the game-winning touchdown as well.

You can check out the predictions for this year’s Super Bowl in the video above. It will be interesting to see how close the predictions come to reality when the Super Bowl kicks off in just a few days, and we’ll be intrigued to see how close Madden comes this year.

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