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Madden NFL 15 Team Playbooks Are Here!

by Prima Games Staff

As authors of the official strategy guide, it is always amazing to get our hands on the game early. We always try and log 1,000 hours before launch so that we can share all new tips and tricks on launch day.

As gamers, we know it can be tough to wait, so we have gotten permission from EA SPORTS to give you a little early taste of Madden NFL 15. We went into game and captured over 20,000+ plays from all 32 NFL Team Playbooks. We always get a head start at Prima Games and now we want you to start the mental labbing process.


Here are some great playbooks to check out on Offense!

  1. Buffalo Bills (Gun Ace Offset)
  2. Denver Broncos (Pistol Bunch TE)
  3. Philadelphia Eagles (Chip Kelly 2.0) 

Defense Wins Championships!  

  1. Cleveland Browns (3-3-5 Wide)
  2. San Francisco 49ers (3-4 Bear)
  3. Seattle Seahawks (Disguise)

What else you need to know be ready!

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That is it until the 26th. In the mean time, follow us on twitter and email us with any questions!




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