It's almost time for the Super Bowl, with the Baltimore Ravens set to go head-to-head against the San Francisco 49ers.  But just because it's days away doesn't mean you have to sit around and twiddle your thumbs – you could be playing Madden NFL 13!

EA Sports has marked down the digital editions of the hit football game for both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, passing the savings onto you, the pigskin loving public!  Over on Xbox Live, you can get the game now for $39.99, $20 off the normal retail price.

Meanwhile, over on the PlayStation Network, if you're a PS Plus subscriber, you can save even more.  The PS3 version of the game is available for $41.99 for most users, or $29.39 for PS Plus subscribers.  If you prefer to take your game on the go, you can also get the PS Vita version for $27.99 for regular users, or $19.59 for PS Vita users.  That's a pretty good savings right there.

The game is only on sale through this Monday, February 4th, so you might want to jump in and take advantage, especially if you want to show those Ravens (or 49ers) fans who's in charge.