We've seen the Street Fighter team pair up with some unlikely allies over the years, including the Marvel Superheroes and, most recently, the team over at Tekken.  But we're willing to bet that no one saw this latest partnership coming.

Mad Catz has announced that it is manufacturing a number of limited edition items that crosses the Street Fighter universe with the ever-cute manufacturer over at Sanrio.  As a result, you can now pick up one of the most adorable fight sticks ever made.

The Street Fighter X Sanrio Fightstick Pro will run you back $160, and comes with the kind of custom design that you just don't see on, well, any sort of controller anymore.  Quantities are VERY limited, but, hey, the die-hard fans probably ordered these already.

Other accessories are also being offered, including special Hello Kitty Chun Li and Hello Kitty Ryu iPhone 5 and iPad 2/3 cases.  They run for $35/$45 apiece, and, again, have an equal amount of cuteness.

Head over to http://www.madcatz.com to order.  Quantities are sure to go fast, and, hey, you want to give your girlfriend that thing that shows you really care, right?