Lynx’s Sister Alli is the Fortnite Crew Pack Outfit for April

Alli cats strike.

The Fortnite Crew Pack for April has been revealed and it’s the cat’s meow. If you remember Lynx who was introduced to Fortnite as part of the Chapter 1 Season 7 Battle Pass back in 2018, you’ll likely be interested to hear that she has a sister named Alli. 

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Not only does Lynx have a sister, but you’ll get to unite these two sisters in your Item Locker if you managed to get Lynx back in the Chapter 1 Season 7 Battle Pass, and you subscribe to Fortnite Crew during the month of April 2021. 

Lynx’s Sister Alli is the Fortnite Crew Pack Outfit for April

It’s official, the Fortnite Crew Pack Outfit for the month of April 2021 is none other than Lynx’s formerly estranged sister Alli. 

“Once estranged but never astray, Lynx’s sister has entered the fray at last,” the Fortnite Blog writes

As mentioned above, Lynx is an Outfit that Fortnite players could acquire as part of the Chapter 1 Season 7 Battle Pass which went live in late 2018.

Her sister, Alli, sports a number of similarities including a beauty mark on the same spot of her face, a cap with cat ears, and pink hair (albeit a little lighter of a shade than Lynx’s). 

Alli is described as fashionable, something that’s further emphasized by the Catwalk Loading Screen that comes as part of her Outfit set in April 2021’s Fortnite Crew Pack.

For a quick overview, we’ve listed the full contents of the Fortnite Crew Pack for April 2021 below.

  • Alli Outfit

  • Squee Back Bling

  • Skellyfish Pickaxe

  • Cat’s Paw Wrap

  • Catwalk Loading Screen

If you’ve yet to purchase the Battle Pass for Chapter 2 Season 6, you’ll get that by subscribing to Fortnite Crew as well. If you’ve already purchased the Battle Pass, the Fortnite Blog notes that a one-time 950 V-Bucks return will be applied to your account.

Fortnite Crew members also receive 1,000 V-Bucks every month as part of their subscription, with the V-Bucks sent out the day of the subscribers’ billing date. 

The Fortnite Blog also reminds players that March’s Crew Pack featuring the Llegendary Llambro and Blister Pack Back Bling bonus can still be acquired as long as players subscribe to Fortnite Crew before March 31.

As for Alli and the April Crew Pack in Fortnite, those will arrive on March 31 at 8 p.m. (ET). For more on Fortnite Crew, check out the subscription’s official page on the Fortnite website

So, after seeing that Alli is the Fortnite Crew Outfit for April 2021, what are your thoughts? Are you excited to see Lynx’s sister added to Fortnite? How does April’s Fortnite Crew Pack compare to the previous month with the Llegendary Llambro?

Let us know on our social media channels including Facebook and Twitter! 

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