This checklist provides basic information about collecting Gems. If needed, you can find additional information inside our new and official eGuide — just click to the mission indicated on the checklist.


Gem Location Mission Notes
Round Amethyst Mudroom Exterior A-1 Poltergust 5000 Vacuum the Gem from the tree.
Trillion Amethyst Front Yard A-1 Poltergust 5000 Flash the purple flowers.
Baguette Amethyst Parlor A-2 Gear Up Flash the clock.
Football Amethyst Studio A-2 Gear Up Use the camera to locate the Gem near the window.
Drop Amethyst Entrance A-3 Quiet Please! Search the armor, then launch the helmet into the painting.
Pebble Amethyst Dining Room A-3 Quiet Please! Flash the safe in the ceiling.
Rhombus Amethyst Kitchen A-3 Quiet Please! Grab the ice in the refrigerator and melt it on the stove.
Star Amethyst Foyer A-4 Visual Tricks Reveal the missing door in the Patio, then head in and search behind the aquarium.
Octagon Amethyst Patio A-4 Visual Tricks Use the Dark-Light Device to reveal the missing fountain.
Oval Amethyst Library A-4 Visual Tricks Use the Dark-Light Device to reveal the missing globe. Launch the globe to break it open.
Spindle Amethyst Study A-4 Visual Tricks A-Pull the curtains, then use the Dark-Light Device on the framed sketch.
Coffin Amethyst Rafters A-5 Sticky Situation Collect the Gem from the top of the mirror.
Mushroom Amethyst Bedroom A-5 Sticky Situation Clear the webs, then move behind the dressing screen.