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LucasArts President Steps Down From His Position

by Prima Games Staff

Clearly the Force may not be strong with this one. But then again we don’t know the reasons why he would do so…


LucasArts has announced today that its company president, Paul Meegan, has stepped down from his position today two years after first joining up with the company. Representatives insist that all projects with the company, including the much hyped Star Wars 1313, will continue production as planned.


“Paul has been a valuable member of the LucasFilm leadership team and we wish him the best in his future endeavors,” said COO Mich Chau. “We remain committed to our current projects and will be re-evaluating LucasArts’ leadership to ensure that we make the right decision to keep the studio focused.”


In the meanwhile two members of the leadership team, Kevin Parker and Glo Corsi, will co-lead the studio until a replacement president is found. Best of luck to everyone!

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