Lords of the Fallen Fans Are Worried About the Game’s Success Due to Lack of “Hype”

Where's the hype for this soulslike game?

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There’s some trouble brewing among some fans of Lords of the Fallen. Fans are a little bit confused at the lack of hype around the game, despite a new gameplay trailer showcasing what looks to be a promising addition to the soulslike genre. Of course, the game does have its players who are hyped for it, but it certainly hasn’t caused enough of a buzz on the same level as games like the recently released Lies of P.

A thread on Reddit encapsulates this confusion among Lords of the Fallen fans quite well where fans have voiced their concerns about the title’s success. The original poster of the thread mentions that they didn’t hear much about this game anywhere until they saw a recommended video about it, nothing that it wasn’t that noticeable like other games like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

“Gameplay is out. And the title releases in basically a week or so. And I have seen no hype for it”, Reddit user u/IllustriousEffect607 says.

Other commenters were quick to point out that games like Lies of P and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty were available on Xbox Game Pass, earning a publicity boost as a result. Others stated that players are possibly still in the honeymoon phase with Lies of P, choosing to focus their efforts on completing it before thinking about Lords of the Fallen.

Others also pointed out that the release date for Lords of the Fallen may be poorly timed, as the game is scheduled to release one week before Spider-Man 2 and Super Mario Wonder. The game will also have a steep price tag, prompting many players to wait for reviews to surface before deciding to purchase.

Lords of the Fallen is scheduled to be released October 13, 2023.

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