Lollipop Chainsaw may not be a game for everyone, as it features a chainsaw-chucking cheerleader who has no problem chopping rock and roll zombies to bits, but it's a great game nonetheless, and early sales numbers indicate that it's been performing rather well.

During the Lollipop Chainsaw Summer Appreciation Festival in Japan, producer Suda 51 revealed that the game has shipped over 700,000 units worldwide, which is a strong feat considering the strong sexual content included in the game.  It's Grasshopper Manufacture's best selling title to date…and they're not done yet.

At the festival, Suda revealed details about the company's next project, a game called Killer Is Dead.  Even though the trailer has yet to be uploaded to the Internet, it'll have an art style similar to the Suda classic Killer 7, featuring a hero who has a samurai sword and a bionic left arm.  Oh, and "lots of hot girls" will be included as well.

We'll have more details on that new project soon.  Meanwhile, check out Lollipop Chainsaw if you can.  It's a blast.