During the PlayStation State of Play this afternoon we finally got a look at gameplay for Little Devil Inside.

Little Devil Inside Shows First Gameplay Reveal During PlayStation State Of Play 

The trailer showcased quite a bit of new information and we got a really first look at what the moment-to-moment gameplay will look like.  

You’ll travel around an overworld map as wooden dolls of your character, as you traverse the map you can encounter various events. Sometimes it might be a flock of sheep blocking the road, while others might be more fearsome. 

The PlayStation Blog talks more about some of the other details about the game. Little Devil inside is not a game about leveling up or speed-running the content. It’s a slower-paced game about the journey rather than the destination. 

The game does not have fast travel, because the team wants players to experience the emotional journey at a pace the game dictates. While Little Devil Inside does not have fast travel you’ll be able to ride horses, mules, cars, and even ride in a train. 

Which form of travel you take will also dictate what type of terrain you can and can’t travel on, so while traveling on foot might be slow if gives you access to areas other forms of travel do not. 

You’ll stop and cook food for you and your companions, you’ll trek through icy mountains, and hunt monsters. You can check out everything shown in the trailer below.

Little Devil Inside is coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 but still does not have a release date or even a release window. 

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