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Limited Edition Pokemon 3DS Systems Coming to the U.S.

by Prima Games Staff

Pokemon mania will continue with the forthcoming X & Y games due for release on 3DS next month. However, for those who don’t have a system yet, Nintendo has them covered.

The company confirmed that two special edition 3DS XL systems featuring limited edition red and blue Pokemon designs will debut in the U.S., as well as Europe. The systems will launch on September 27th and will sell for $199.99. Unfortunately, they do not come with any games.

You can watch the full Pokemon Direct presentation in the YouTube clip below. In addition to the systems, a new cloud-based app called Pokemon Bank is being introduced, one that lets you store your Poke-collection online, with storage for up to 3,000 of your own personal pets. It’ll release later this year and will have a free trial period. 

Pokemon X & Y release on October 12th for Nintendo 3DS.

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