Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Complete Official Guides

The 100% complete guides to Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

The Complete Official Guide – Collector’s Edition

  • Bonus Code for the “Art of War” DLC Including: Outfit, Weapon & Shield
  • Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide
  • Two Bonus Bookmarks
  • Extra Large 2-Sided Map Poster of Entire Game World
  • Bonus Content Includes: Two Bookmarks, DLC code for “Art of War” outfit, weapon and shield, 32 additional pages of concept art and insights and extra-large 2-sided map poster.
  • Printed on high-quality paper and bound in a hard cover.
  • Includes all content from the Complete Official Guide (details below).

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The Complete Official Guide – Standard Edition

  • Complete Official Guide
  • Bonus 2-Sided Map Poster Covering the Entire Game World
  • Bonus Content Includes: 2-sided map poster covering the entire game world.
  • All main quests and side quests covered, with annotated maps offering immediate solutions.
  • Special rewards, hidden dungeons, New Game + bonuses, Trophies and Achievements – all at your fingertips!
  • The games most complex (and hidden!) systems laid bare in an approachable yet comprehensive Strategy & Analysis chapter.
  • All-encompassing Bestiary and Inventory chapters, with all details on every last monster and item.

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