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Let Your Inner Child Out With Disney Infinity’s Toy Box

by Prima Games Staff

We’ve already gotten a good look as to what you can do in the Toy Box mode in Disney Infinity, whether it’s configuring a world into a beautiful neon-lit Tron universe or just messing around with Sulley in as a “monster” truck.  If you really need to see what you can do within the Toy Box, Disney Interactive has a new video for you.

The clip shows Avalanche Software’s Jason Richards and Pixar’s John Lasseter talk about the different options available and how you’re only limited by your imagination.  With enough time you can really build some extraordinary worlds to play around in and unlock some neat mini-games like an impromptu soccer game, complete with fireworks for each time you score.

You can watch the video here and prepare yourself for Disney Infinity when it arrives for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U this August.  If you want to read up more about the game, we suggest checking out our impressions of the Cars world.

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