Let Jack Black Serenade You With The Super Mario Bros Movie Soundtrack Vinyl

Bowser's down bad.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is out now, and fans of the Mushroom Kingdom and our little Italian boys are thriving. While the animation is stellar, thanks to Illumination Studios, it would be nothing without the iconic Mario soundtrack, which has been redone with new arrangements for the film.

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If you’re looking to own that fantastic score and an even better single from Jack Black’s performance as Bowser. The vinyl pre-orders will be on Iam8Bit’s website tomorrow at 9 am PST. So if you want to score the 2 LP soundtrack, you’ll want to be there on time.

Let Jack Black Serenade You With The Super Mario Bros Movie Soundtrack Vinyl

The vinyl comes in two different colorways, either a pink and yellow Iam8Bit exclusive or a traditional red and green option. It retails for $42.99 and offers original Nintendo themes by Koji Kondo and the composed score from Brian Tyler.

If the full soundtrack is too much for you, you can always let Jack Black serenade you to sleep with the track Peaches on a Bowser themed 7 inch. This retails for $12.99 and features the song “Peaches” and the “Mario Brothers Rap.” It’s on Audiophile Black and has a premium Diecut Jacket.

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If you don’t collect vinyl or have a record player, you can still enjoy some of Iam8bit’s offerings in the form of either a soundtrack cassette or a CD. Both have the movie artwork and music from the movie.

Bowser steals the show in the movie, and Jack Black’s performance of Peaches almost gets you on board with his idea of a wedding. We’ve all been down bad for someone before, but nothing like seeing the king of the Koopas trying to find love in a hopeless place.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is in theaters now, so if you haven’t seen your favorite Italian plumbers from Brooklyn travel to the Mushroom Kingdom, it’s time to change that.

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