Activision have decided to commemorate the 30-year anniversary of the original Star Wars film’s release by bringing out a new LEGO game.

The release will go by the name LEGO Star Wars: Complete Saga, and will consist of adventures from all of the six insanely popular films. It’ll be coming to Xbox 360, DS, PS3 and Wii with a release set for November.

Traveller’s Tales are in control of development and are claiming that the games will be the largest and most expansive released so far. They’ll feature 160 characters which players will be able to swap around heads and torsos to create weird Star Wars character mashups with.

A whole host of new levels are to be added along with updated while older level will receive extra challenges. There’ll also be more Force Powers available to utilize, new power-ups and a brand new Challenge mode.

"LucasArts was an amazing partner on LEGO Star Wars II, and working with them on The Complete Saga continues to be a great experience," Tom Stone, Traveller’s Tales Games’ director stated. "We're also thrilled to be focusing on next-generation consoles and creating content that plays to the strength of each system."