Playing with Portals is good for you.  Just ask anyone who picked up last year’s monumentally good Portal 2, one of Valve’s best games to date.  This sequel did everything just right, between character voices and stage design and an ending that tied things up nicely.

But it may not be the end for the Portal legacy if fans of Lego have their way.  Lego’s Cuusoo page, a place where users can make suggestions for future Lego sets and gather feedback, has a new project where, yes, someone has suggested a Lego Portal 2 set.  And get this.  The project needs 10,000 supporters for Lego to take it seriously, and right now it’s sitting just around over 9,000.  (OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAND!)

Though Portal may not seem like the most ideal of Lego sets, think about it.  Being able to recreate scenarios from the game as a diorama for your desk or entertainment center…we’d be all for that.  Plus, a Lego GLADoS would be completely mind-blowing…especially if you could get her to talk.  Dare we ask for a Lego cake?  Maybe it’s a lie.

Anyway, support the Lego Portal project by going here.  C’mon, only a few votes to go!