LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Finding the Collectibles

So many collectibles to find . . . we're here to help!

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is the largest LEGO game to date. It has more things to find than any of the previous LEGO titles. After playing through the 15 missions in Story mode, you will find that you have just barely gotten started in the game. While you can gain some collectibles during these missions, a vast majority of the collectibles must be found outside of Story Mode, or even Free Play mode.

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What Do You Need to Collect

If you have played any of the other LEGO games, some of the collectibles will be familiar. However, the scope of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is much larger and more complex. Here is a quick rundown of what you need to do in the game to be sure to get everything.

  • Complete all 15 levels in Story and Free Play modes.
  • Complete all 11 hub missions in Story and Free Play modes.
  • Achieve “True Believer” for all levels and hub missions.
  • Collect all 150 minikits.
  • Collect all 250 Gold Bricks.
  • Collect all 11 Deadpool bricks.
  • Save all 50 Stan Lee in Perils
  • Unlock and collect all 153 characters in the game.
  • Unlock and collect all 40 vehicles in the game.

Now lets take a look at how these tasks convert into earning collectibles.

Gold Bricks

Gold Bricks are the means that that LEGO Marvel Super Heroes tracks your progression—and limits access to some areas. For example, in order to play most of the hub missions, you must have collected a minimum number of Gold Bricks. There are also some characters which have a Gold Brick requirement.

Collect Gold Bricks by doing the following:

  • Find them in Manhattan while exploring (complete missions and races).
  • Beat a level or hub mission in Story Mode.
  • Collect all 10 minikits in a level.
  • Achieve “True Believer” in a level or hub mission.
  • Save Stan Lee in the levels, hub missions, and in Manhattan.

Deadpool Bricks

Deadpool bricks are extremely rare collectibles. There are only 11 of them
in the entire game. One Deadpool brick can be found in each of the 11 hub
missions. Most can be acquired only by playing those missions in Free Play
mode. These bricks let you activate special powers such as stud multipliers,
detectors to help you find collectibles, and more. Once you find a Deadpool
brick, return to the helicarrier and go to Deadpool’s room to activate it by paying an amount of studs.

Character Tokens

There are 153 characters in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. Some of these you collect automatically as you play through the 15 levels in Story mode. Other characters, mainly villains, can also be unlocked in Story mode. However, you have to pay thousands of studs in order to add them to your collection. Each hub mission also has 2-3 characters you can unlock by completing them as well as a character token hidden in the level. Most of these character tokens must be found while playing the hub missions in Free Play mode. Finally, the remainder of the characters are unlocked by exploring Manhattan and completing missions or tasks. Most characters that you have to purchase to collect range in price from 150,000 to 250,000 studs. However, they can go as high at 1,000,000 studs! So save up those studs.

Vehicle Tokens

There are over 60 different vehicles in the game. You have access to many right at the start and only need to unlock 40 vehicles to get them all. For each of these vehicles, you must complete a mission in Manhattan or find a vehicle token. Once you unlock a vehicle, you must pay 150,000 in order to add it to your collection and begin using it.

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