It's a rough and tumble Lego city out there, kid.  You've got to be ready to fight crime, build objects and solve puzzles, or you're likely to get buried underneath the Lego rubble.

Okay, now that I've gotten my detective impersonation out of the way, we've got some good news surrounding WB Games' forthcoming Lego City Undercover, a completely original action/adventure being tailor-made for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.  Originally slated for a bland "Q1 2013" release, the game now has a release date – March 18th on Nintendo Wii U, and three days later, the 21st, on the 3DS.

The game will feature miles of Lego city territory to cover, along with vast activities, puzzles and hidden secrets to uncover.  It'll also have a fun storyline that players of all ages will be able to enjoy.  Check out our preview if you want to get more information.

This should be one of the better third-party games for Nintendo's systems, so don't miss out!