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Lego City Undercover Disguises – Firefighters

by Prima Games Staff

If there’s a fire in LEGO City, you can rely on a Fireman (or woman) to put it out. With this noble class, you can extinguish any fire in the city, which is essential for gathering all the collectibles. Just about every section of LEGO City includes a raging BBQ fire, which only a Fireman can put out. For our money, the best-looking Fireman disguise is the Fire Chief, Ramon Lopez-Delgado.

There are eight classes in LEGO City Undercover: Civilian, Police, Robber, Miner, Astronaut, Farmer, Fireman, and Construction. Below is an excerpt from the official LEGO City Undercover guide detailing the disguises found in the Fireman class:

Number of Disguises: 10

Any fire in LEGO City has met its match!


  • Extinguisher: Firefighters can easily douse any LEGO blaze with their trusty fire extinguishers. In addition, use extinguishers to fill objects with water, such as swimming pools.
  • Fire Axe: Any door that’s covered with wooden boards can be easily chopped open with the razor-sharp fire axe.

Firefighter Character List

Chase McCain (Fireman)

Location: Special Assignment 9: “Hot Property”

 How to Get: Progress through Story mode.

Brad Hoggle

 Location: Grand Canal

 How to Get: Behind a boarded up door on the canal walkway.

Buddy Weingartner

 Location: Fort Meadows

 How to Get: Inside the cabin with the boarded door.

Charlotte Hannon

 Location: Special Assignment 9: “Hot Property”

 How to Get: Run on either of the treadmills inside the station.

Cornelius Burns

 Location: N/A

 How to Get: Complete all “Cat Rescued” in LEGO City

Forest Fireman

 Location: N/A

 How to Get: Complete all “BBQ Fires Extinguished” in LEGO City

Jessie Weingartner

 Location: Bluebell National Park

 How to Get: Douse five small campfires around the park.

Oliver Duffy

 Location: Pagoda

 How to Get: Fill the three empty fountains with water.

Ramon Lopez-Delgado

 Location: Special Assignment 9: “Hot Property”

 How to Get: Douse the barrel fire that the firemen are gathered around.

Ryan Mclaughlin

 Location: Bright Lights Plaza

 How to Get: Build the five watercoolers around Bright Lights Plaza to unlock.

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