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Lego City Undercover Disguises – Farmers

by Prima Games Staff

Farmers are the backbone of LEGO City. With the likes of Troublemaker Phil, Troublemaker Tim, and Troublemaker Tom on the roster, you’ll have plenty of, well, troublemaking Farmers to play around with. Every Farmer comes equipped with a chicken, which can be used to chicken-glide across rooftops. More importantly, if you give the chickens a little squeeze, they’ll fire eggs at your enemies for a long-ranged takedown.

There are eight classes in LEGO City Undercover: Civilian, Police, Robber, Miner, Astronaut, Farmer, Fireman, and Construction. Below is an excerpt from the official LEGO City Undercover guide detailing the disguises found in the Farmer class:

Number of Disguises: 11

When city life becomes a little too hectic, there’s always a place for Chase down on the farm.


  • Chicken-Glide: Farmers have a special relationship with chickens. They always carry one around and can use their fowl friends to glide short distances, helping them clear gaps. Activate chicken symbols, then glide through the rings to soar much farther than normal!
  • Watering Can: With the aid of their trusty watering can, farmers can grow plants and vines anywhere they see a watering can symbol. Climb tall plants and vines to reach new areas.

Farmer Character List

Chase McCain (Farmer)

 Location: Fort Meadows

 How to Get: Progress through Story mode.

Farmer Bales

 Location: Kings Court

 How to Get: Behind the Rex statue on the roof of city hall.

Farm Worker Bill

 Location: Fort Meadows

 How to Get: Jetpack jump onto a cabin’s roof, then cross a tightrope to reach the token in the nearby tree.

Farm Worker Bob

 Location: Fort Meadows

 How to Get: Water a planter near the sawmill, then climb the sunflower to reach the token on its roof.

Jethro Hayes

 Location: N/A

 How to Get: Complete all “Pigs Returned” in LEGO City

Patty Hayes

 Location: Crescent Park

 How to Get: Behind the boarded up door inside the tree house.


 Location: Fort Meadows

 How to Get: Jetpack jump up and climb the blue and white LEGO patch on the wall under the elevated train tracks.

Squirrel McTavish

 Location: N/A

 How to Get: Complete all “Flowers Watered” in LEGO City

Troublemaker Phil

 Location: Cherry Tree Hills

 How to Get: Paint the three white trees near the southeast road green.

Troublemaker Tim

 Location: Lady Liberty Island

 How to Get: Turn the four silver trees brown to make this token appear.

Troublemaker Tom

 Location: Paradise Sands

 How to Get: Paint the three palm tress brown.

Ready to learn more? Get the complete, official guide to LEGO City Undercover. Withthe step-by-step walkthrough, interactive maps, and handy checklists, you can find every Red Brick, Gold Brick, and vehicle, plus have tons of fun!

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