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Lego City Undercover Disguises- Astronauts

by Prima Games Staff

The most important class, Astronauts aren’t that special when you first unlock them. However, play through the Story Mode and you’ll upgrade all Astronaut disguises to include a jetpack. Nothing is better than a jetpack in LEGO City. Nothing. Jetpacks enable you to perform Astronaut boosts, which get you up to platforms you couldn’t otherwise reach. And, in special spots, you can perform Jet Pack Hovers, which fly you across great distances. The Astronaut group includes a Rex Fury disguise, perhaps one of the best disguises among all of those in the LEGO City Undercover collection.

There are eight classes in LEGO City Undercover: Civilian, Police, Robber, Miner, Astronaut, Farmer, Fireman, and Construction. Below is an excerpt from the official LEGO City Undercover guide detailing the disguises found in the Astronaut class:

Number of Disguises: 17

Space may be the final frontier, but these brave men and women will have to settle for exploring LEGO City!


  • Teleport: Astronauts can use transport pads to teleport over long distances.
  • Beam-in Support: By inputting a simple color sequence, astronauts can activate space crates that beam in useful materials.
  • Jetpack Jump: Astronauts can boost around with their jetpacks, traveling higher and farther than normal jumps would take them. Activate jetpack symbols, then boost through the rings to travel even farther!
  • Raise the Flag: Throughout LEGO City, there are places where only an astronaut dare tread. By raising a flag at these towering heights, Chase can lay claim to part of the city—and earn a gold brick in the process!

Astronauts won’t sport jetpacks until you unlock this ability during Story mode.

Astronaut Character List

Chase McCain (Astronaut)

 Location: Apollo Island

 How to Get: Progress through Story mode.

Ben Sharples

 Location: Special Assignment 15: “Fly Me to the Moon”

 How to Get: Fix the fuse box above the lift near the start, then use the color swapper. Drop to the foreground ledge and blast the switch.

Brantford Cubbery

 Location: Apollo Island

 How to Get: Build the disguise booth

Bud Hawkins

 Location: Apollo Island

 How to Get: Complete the zone’s free run event.

Cal Wainwright

 Location: Kings Court

 How to Get: Behind the boarded up door on the docks.

Classic Alien

 Location: Apollo Island

 How to Get: Directly above the transporter pad when you teleport into the research bunker.

Drew Calhoun

 Location: Kings Court

 How to Get: Floating above a sign at the docks.

Dutch Danish

 Location: Apollo Island

 How to Get: Complete the “Spinning Shuttle Program” superbuild.

Forrest Blackwell

 Location: Apollo Island

 How to Get: Use Rex Fury to rip open the barrier and get underneath the water tower.

Henrik Kowalski

 Location: Auburn

 How to Get: Navigate the south-central buildings, using the southeast access point; leap to the water towers and use a jetpack jump to reach the hovering token.

Jenny Rathbone

 Location: Apollo Island

 How to Get: On the roof of the runway garage.

Jonlan Regnix

 Location: Apollo Island

 How to Get: Super-jetpack hover from the roof of the garage to the tightrope above the rusty pipes. Slide down the tightrope.

Rex Fury

 Location: N/A

 How to Get: Complete all “Districts Conquered” in LEGO City

Space Alien

 Location: N/A

 How to Get: Complete all “Aliens Caught” in LEGO City


 Location: Apollo Island

 How to Get: Build the Space Shuttle superbuild.

Space Scientist

 Location: Special Assignment 6: “Astronaughty”

 How to Get: Smash the remaining “planet” after making the solar system diorama fall.

Space Villain

 Location: Special Assignment 6: “Astronaughty”

 How to Get: Use Rex Fury to rip apart the strength crate in the lobby. (Free Play)

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