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Lego City Undercover Disguises- Miners

by Prima Games Staff

The smallest of the character classes, Miners don’t come with a ton of variety. Along with the default Chase McCain disguise, the remaining Miners are characters you meet during the Story Mode, like Otto Hornfels. Despite having only nine disguises in this class, it’s an essential one as only Miners can use dynamite. And really, there’s nothing more important to Chase McCain than having some boom sticks at his disposal.

There are eight classes in LEGO City Undercover: Civilian, Police, Robber, Miner, Astronaut, Farmer, Fireman, and Construction. Below is an excerpt from the official LEGO City Undercover guide detailing the disguises found in the Miner class:

Number of Disguises: 8

You don’t just go undercover in LEGO City—you go underground. Miners love laying waste to objects that are too tough for others to deal with.


  • Pickax: Rock-hard boulders are no match for the miner’s mighty pickax. Try jumping and attacking to slam the ground and smash whole piles of boulders!
  • Dynamite: When you need to blow something up, the miner can put dynamite into special barrels for a big boom. Silver objects are prime targets—look around for some dynamite, which is often located in red vending machines called dynamite dispensers.

Miner Character List

Chase McCain (Miner)

 Location: Special Assignment 3: “Miner Altercation”

 How to Get: Progress through Story mode.

Barney Greenschist

 Location: N/A

 How to Get: Complete all “Boulders Destroyed” in LEGO City

Ben Moseley

 Location: Bluebell National Park

 How to Get: Use a fish to lure the bear away from the large campsite, then build and color the two tents to match their interior blankets.

Bill Derby

 Location: Bluebell National Park

 How to Get: Astronaut-boost onto the small shack west of the Bluebell Mine.

Mine Foreman

 Location: N/A

 How to Get: Complete all “Silver Statues Destroyed” in LEGO City

Otto Hornfels

 Location: Crescent Park

 How to Get: Floating near the shark poster inside the tunnel.

Stinky Fletcher

 Location: Fort Meadows

 How to Get: Paint three hay bales yellow around the farm and fields.

Todd Greywacke

 Location: Bluebell National Park

 How to Get: Astronaut-boost up near the alien space crate.

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