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Lego City Undercover Disguises- Criminals and Robbers

Some of Lego City's shadier characters exposed
This article is over 11 years old and may contain outdated information

Normally robbers would be the bad guys, but you aren’t playing as criminals, you’re Chase McCain in disguise. This means the bad guys are actually good guys. Catch our drift? Robbers are disguises made up of the worst of the worst of LEGO City’s underworld, including two disguises featuring Rex Fury, the meanest criminal LEGO City has ever known. Using the Robber disguise is important because only they can break locks, pick safes, and use the color gun to paint objects.

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There are eight classes in LEGO City Undercover: Civilian, Police, Robber, Miner, Astronaut, Farmer, Fireman, and Construction. Below is an excerpt from the official LEGO City Undercover guide detailing the disguises found in the Robber class:

Number of Disguises: 50

Anyone who threatens the safety or the property of LEGO City’s citizens is considered a criminal. And, boy, does this city have a lot of crooks!


  • Crowbar: For some reason, citizens of LEGO City tend to lock their doors. Thanks to the handy crowbar, criminals have no problem prying them open. Used at locations with the crowbar symbol.
  • Stethoscope: No safe is, uh, safe with a criminal around. They can use their stethoscope to crack open any strongbox that sports the stethoscope symbol.
  • Color Gun: This handy sidearm fires gobs of colored energy, useful for a variety of purposes. Find and use color swappers to change the color of the color gun’s energy.

The color gun isn’t available until you unlock it during Story mode.

Criminal Character List

Chase McCain (Robber)
Location: Special Assignment 2: “Trouble in Stir”

 How to Get: Progress through Story mode.

BanditLocation: N/A

 How to Get: Complete all “ATMs Smashed” in LEGO City

Beefy Baker

 Location: Albatross Island

 How to Get: Hidden in a pallet near the prison offices.

Blue Whittaker

 Location: Special Assignment 2: “Trouble in Stir”

 How to Get: Fix the elevator fuse box and climb up to the fourth floor. Find dynamite in the kitchen and blast open the storage area. (Free Play)

Bucky Butler

 Location: Uptown

 How to Get: Paint the knight statues outside the museum.

Carlo Cone

 Location: Crescent Park

 How to Get: Paint the balloons on the gazebo the correct colors.

Carlo Jerome

 Location: Fresco

 How to Get: Build the ice cream statue by rolling the three metal scoops onto the bowl outside Pappalardo’s.

Chan Chuang

 Location: Pagoda

 How to Get: Build the Bob-omb and then throw it at the locked cage.

Chao Hui

Location: Pagoda

 How to Get: Paint the silver lanterns red.

Clown Robber Lou

 Location: Cherry Tree Hills

 How to Get: Atop the LEGO City Bank. Navigate the southeast rooftops to reach.

Clown Robber Max

 Location: Auburn

 How to Get: Pry open the metal door at the base of one of the docks’ north cranes.

Clown Robber Wes

 Location: LEGO City Airport

 How to Get: Paint the flowers the correct colors.

Dougy Dungarees

 Location: Fort Meadows

 How to Get: Inside the cabin with the crowbar door.

Eddie Jojo

 Location: Bright Lights Plaza

 How to Get: Earned after painting the three ice cream dispensers pink.


 Location: Pagoda

 How to Get: Paint the lampposts around the big pagoda yellow.

Forrest Blackwell Casual

 Location: Special Assignment 14: “Breaking and Reentering”

 How to Get: Use Rex Fury to rip apart the super-strength crate on the roof (Free Play).

Forrest Blackwell Suit

 Location: Special Assignment 10: “Smash ‘n’ Grab”

 How to Get: Use Rex Fury to rip apart the boards in the lounge’s right foreground corner, then fix the fuse box (Free Play).

Forrest Blackwell Tuxedo

 Location: Fresco

 How to Get: Behind a block only Rex Fury can destroy, in the corner room of a building along the west edge of Fresco.


 Location: Pagoda

 How to Get: On top of the south Arch of Tranquility.


 Location: Fresco

 How to Get: In between Pappalardo’s and Little Venice.

Grubby Grubster

 Location: Cherry Tree Hills

 How to Get: Scale the police station’s exterior stairs and pry open the exterior jail cell.

Hai Chen

 Location: Pagoda

 How to Get: Near the big dragon statues on the east side of Pagoda.

Hot Tub Harry

 Location: Albatross Island

 How to Get: Use the transporter pad under the guard tower, then use the super jetpack rings to get across to the correct tower.

Hot Tub McCreedy

 Location: Auburn

 How to Get: Paint five buoys red in the water by the beach.

James Curry

 Location: Bright Lights Plaza

 How to Get: On the ceiling of the lower level of the shopping mall.

Jimmy Grossman

 Location: Special Assignment 11: “They All Scream for Ice Cream”

 How to Get: Fix the fuse box near the piano, build the piano’s bricks into a catapult pad, and launch up to the token.


 Location: Pagoda

 How to Get: Atop the north Arch of Tranquility. (Free Play)

Lucky Pete

 Location: Fresco

 How to Get: Behind a locked door on the roof of the garage on the docks.

Maximilian Jarvik

 Location: Crescent Park

 How to Get: Teleport onto the top of the gazebo.

Mikey Spoilers

 Location: Fresco

 How to Get: At the north end of the canal.

Moe DeLuca

 Location: Special Assignment 10: “Smash ‘n’ Grab”

 How to Get: Fix the fuse box on the first ledge, pry open the door, and then pull the lever.

Old Quiang

 Location: N/A

 How to Get: Complete all “Vehicle Robberies Completed” in LEGO City

Paulie Blindfolds

 Location: Fresco

 How to Get: On a sunroof at the highest point of south apartments A.


 Location: Special Assignment 2: “Trouble in Stir”

 How to Get: Smash a desk, then follow footprints to discover the token hidden in the warden’s desk.

Rex Fury

 Location: Special Assignment 15: “Fly Me to the Moon”

 How to Get: During the final descent, after falling past the spinning energy beams and exiting the rocket, pass through the first stud ring you see.

Rex Fury Bare Chest

 Location: Bluebell National Park

 How to Get: Use Rex Fury to rip open the super-strength handle crate near the north train tunnel.

Salvatore Calzone

 Location: Fresco

 How to Get: Behind a boarded up door on the roof of south apartments A.

Sentinel Channard

 Location: Fresco

 How to Get: Grapple up to the balcony on the south apartments.

Sentinel Decker

 Location: Special Assignment 14: “Breaking and Reentering”

 How to Get: Cross the tightrope on the roof’s left side to reach a transporter pad. Beam into a small room and smash the sand castle.

Shui Xue

 Location: Pagoda

 How to Get: Ring the bells at the three red pagodas.

Snakes Squealer

 Location: Special Assignment 1: “Some Assaults”

 How to Get: Chop through the door after arresting the second robber and crack the safe beyond (Free Play).

Spikey Don

 Location: Special Assignment 3: “Miner Altercation”

 How to Get: Repair the mobile drill’s fuse box, then pry open the manhole cover.

Tim Welch

 Location: Fresco

 How to Get: Hidden in a rock near the helipad behind Blackwell’s (vault the fence to reach). (Free Play)

Tony One-Time

 Location: Fresco

 How to Get: Inside a fenced area past the greenhouse.


 Location: Albatross Island

 How to Get: On a guard tower, up the stairs from the helicopter superbuild.

Vinnie Clown

 Location: Festival Square

 How to Get: Inside the clock tower.

Vinnie Pappalardo

 Location: Special Assignment 11: “They All Scream for Ice Cream”

 How to Get: Automatically received when you rescue Vinnie from the freezer and rebuild him.

Vinnie Tracksuit

 Location: Fresco

 How to Get: After completing the ice cream statue puzzle, paint the ice cream to unlock this token.

Vitus Tinkleman

 Location: Blackwell Bridge

 How to Get: Found under the bridge use uphill run to get to him

Warden Stonewall

Location: Albatross Island

How to Get: Complete the zone’s free run event.

Ready to learn more? Get the complete, official guide to LEGO City Undercover. Withthe step-by-step walkthrough, interactive maps, and handy checklists, you can find every Red Brick, Gold Brick, and vehicle, plus have tons of fun!

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