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LEGO Batman 2: Gotham City Scavenger Hunt

by Prima Games Staff

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes is one of the most expansive LEGO titles to date. Because of this, there are a lot of hidden items and characters spread throughout Story Mode. Playing through this action-packed world is fun in itself, but the adventure found in Story Mode is merely scratching the surface of this LEGO universe. Outside of the Story Mode missions, you, as the Dynamic Duo or one of the myriad of other DC Universe Heroes and Villains are free to roam and play within Gotham City as you please. Strewn throughout Gotham City and its famous landmarks like the ACE Chemicals Factory, Wayne Tower, and Arkham Asylum – to name a few – are hidden characters, vehicles, and extras to unlock.
LEGO Scavenger Hunt 1
Gold bricks, red bricks, characters, gold doors, vehicles, citizens in peril, and minikits… Just how many of these are there to find within Story Mode and Free Play missions, as well as Gotham City itself?

Well, here’s a quick rundown:
•    250 Gold Bricks
•    20 Red Bricks
•    34 Characters
•    16 Gold Doors
•    50 Vehicles
•    50 Citizens in Peril
•    150 Minikits

With so many items to find and collect during your adventures within Gotham City, it can be difficult to figure out just where and how to start your collection. Here are a few tips to get you on your way.

Activate Bat Computer Remote Terminals:

LEGO Scavenger Hunt 2

The Bat Computer Remote Terminals spread throughout Gotham City can be activated after completing Level 4 – Asylum Assignment. Aside from being a spot to call upon one of your vehicles, these terminals also clear the shroud (black fog) from the minimap. This allows the area near the terminal to be scanned, revealing any nearby collectibles or characters yet to be found.
LEGO Scavenger Hunt 3
To locate the terminals, scan the horizon for red beams of light. These beams of red light indicate where a terminal can be found. It is easiest to track these down after Superman is available for play – just fly high and survey the landscape below for the telltale beams of light.

Collect Gold Bricks:

LEGO Scavenger Hunt 4
Once a significant amount of Bat Computer Remote Terminals have been unlocked, the next step is to start amassing a collection of gold bricks; these are not just for bragging rights either. The 16 Gold Doors to be found in Gotham City each require a minimum amount of Gold Bricks to build and use to buy new characters. While viewing the minimap, look for yellow dots within the scanned area. These dots note the locations where these gold bricks can be found.
LEGO Scavenger Hunt 5
Whether roaming Gotham City or playing through missions, stay on the lookout for Citizens in Peril. Each time you save one of these innocent victims you earn yourself a gold brick.
The last way to collect these elusive gold bricks is to collect all of the minikits in each level. Every level has 10 minikits to find, just keep in mind that finding some will require specific characters to be used during Free Play.

Unlock Characters:

LEGO Scavenger Hunt 6
Everyone has a favorite character from the DC Universe. So we’ll avoid saying who the “best” character is to add to your roster. Instead, we’ll take the high road and provide a list of the top five most useful characters to have available to you when treasure hunting in Gotham City. We’ve even written an article that explains their locations, as well as how their abilities can be put to use:
INSERT LINK TO “LEGO Batman 2: Top 5 Characters” ARTICLE.

Switching characters on the fly while exploring Gotham City requires Free Play to be unlocked in the hub; unlocking this mode requires completing the Story first.

Find Red Bricks:

LEGO Scavenger Hunt 7
Red bricks range from useful to downright bizarre. Examples would be the “useful” Stud Multiplier red bricks, which multiply the value of the studs by the amount of the red brick. Now, the flipside of that are the bizarre, one example of this is the “Disguises” red brick. When active, all characters in the game – and even some vehicles – wear Groucho glasses to remain inconspicuous. It’s bizarre, but definitely amusing, especially on the Joker robot later in the story.

Useful Extras:

LEGO Scavenger Hunt 8
The “Extras” section of the pause menu is where you go to turn your red brick bonuses on or off. These perks are divided into four categories: Upgrades, Studs, Finders, and Bonus. At the start of the game the only perk available to you is the “Friend Grab” option under the “Bonus” menu. Two red bricks to find early on in your adventure are the “Studs x2” and the “Minikit Piece Finder”. These are both located on the Central Island which can be accessed after completing Level 4: Asylum Assignment by way of the bridge due South of the Batcave.
LEGO Scavenger Hunt 9
Both of these red bricks require playing a RC vehicle combat game. The “Studs x2” red brick is found on the Central Island’s East side. Find the Power Station and use the control panels near the parking lot to steer a mini RC car and smash all the enemy cars.
Successfully completing this mini-game allows the “Studs x2” perk to be purchased for 100,000 studs. With this perk active, you’ll quickly earn the studs back plus interest.
LEGO Scavenger Hunt 10
To find the “Minikit Piece Finder”, go to Gotham Park on the Central Island and locate the control panels near the lake in Gotham Park’s North end. Use the control panel to steer a mini RC ship and sink the enemy submarines.

Completing this mini-game allows you to purchase the “Minikit Piece Finder” for 50,000 studs. This perk comes in handy when tracking down some of the more elusive minikits during missions.
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