Earning 100 percent game completion in LEGO Batman 2 isn’t easy—trust us, we know! The following tips will help you reach this lofty goal in record time. 

Tip 1: Beat Story Mode 

Beating Story mode—all 15 levels—is the first thing to focus on. While it’s easy to become sidetracked in Gotham City between missions, avoid spending too much time hunting for goodies in Gotham until you’ve beaten Story Mode and unlocked Free Play mode in the city. Claiming collectibles is much easier to accomplish when you can freely switch between all of the heroes and villains you’ve unlocked!

Tip 2: Obtain “Stud Multiplier” Red Bricks

Several red bricks have the power to multiply the standard value of studs you collect during your adventures. Seek out these special red bricks as soon as you’re able, and every stud you claim will be worth much more than the norm! The sooner you claim a stud multiplier red brick, the faster your bankroll will grow. The “Studs x2” and “Studs x4” red bricks require no special abilities to unlock, and are revealed by beating the RC car games at the Power Station and Police Station parking lots, respectively. 

Tip 3: Amass Gold Bricks

After you’ve beaten Story Mode and obtained a stud multiplier red brick, begin scouring Gotham City for its 150+ gold bricks. This is an important step, because you need lots of gold bricks to build Gotham’s gold doors, which in turn reveal valuable Free Play characters, such as Black Canary and Aquaman. You also need lots of studs to purchase these characters, which is why it’s wise to obtain a stud multiplier red brick before you begin your gold brick collectathon.

Tip 4: Unlock Characters

With plenty of studs and gold bricks in possession, the time has come to begin unlocking characters. Start with those whose special skills will aid you most in Free Play, such as Lex Luthor—the only character that possesses the devious Deconstructor. Check out our next LEGO Batman 2 blog, “Top 5 Characters to Unlock,” for more worthy choices.

Tip 5: Own Free Play

With an army of heroes and villains unlocked, the time has come to revisit those Story Mode missions in Free Play. Bust back through all 15 missions in Free Play, and use your crew of characters to easily capture all of those hidden minikits that you couldn’t claim with your default Story Mode heroes. Keep on the lookout for imperiled citizens as well—many of these poor souls can only be rescued in Free Play!