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Legend of Zelda Wii U Footage

by Bryan Dawson

This morning, Nintendo finally unveiled the game many people have been waiting for, The Legend of Zelda Wii U. While we only got to see a short clip from the game, director Eiji Aonuma talked about how to make the game world seem both connected and expansive at the same time. To do this in Wind Waker, the development team created several smaller islands and linked them all together. In Zelda Wii U, he showed off a sprawling landscape with mountains far in the background, then explained that players would be able to go anywhere in the landscape, including the mountains.

The game won’t be ready to go until sometime in 2015, but the brief gameplay depicted in the trailer looks to bring Link and crew more action than they’re used to. Link was on horseback, being chased by a large creature. The creature was shooting laser beams at Link, until it finally caught up to him near a bridge. Destroying the bridge, Link is forced to fight the creature using a mildly futuristic-looking bow. He leaps from his horse to get a better shot as the trailer comes to an end.

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