The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough Part 16 – The Final Battle

One final step towards victory.

Here it is, the final battle in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. At this point, nothing can stop you. Link’s a lean, mean Master Sword slashing machine. Of course, if you need some hints, this guide will come in handy. For more in-depth strategies, check out Prima’s Collector’s Edition Guide, along with this extremely limited Legend of Zelda Box Set.

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For the complete walkthrough, visit Prima’s free A Link Between Worlds guide.

The Final Battle 

Seven Sages

Now with all the sages gathered, Link is rewarded a precious prize for his efforts. We won’t spoil anything here, but it’s rather cool. It’s time to settle the score with the wicked Yuga, and his villainous companion. Your next destination – as said by the sages – is Lorule Castle. 

Note: Now that you’ve completed all the dungeons, you can access the final dungeon and finale. For the purpose of this walkthrough, we’re covering the main story. Feel free to explore Hyrule and its secrets.

Lorule Castle 

Open the Seal 

Lorule Castle is blocked by a dark barrier, but a friend will soon help you out and let you in. Lorule Castle is rather streamlined from here – there are no keys or puzzles for you to solve.  

Lorule Castle – 1F 

As you enter, dismiss the minions that guard the hall. The chest in the center cannot be reached, so head to the north end of the hall and enter the passage. (For some easy money, move the right statue, merge into the north wall and slide to the chest on the east side for a Purple Rupee). Defeat the large minion wielding a fire mace – use your Ice Rod to ease the battle. With him dealt with, the stairs open to 2F.  

Lorule Castle – 2F  

Slash your way to the south of 2F’s chamber. Collect the Red Rupee in the east room and proceed up the stairs to the south. 

Lorule Castle – 3F  

The third floor’s first room has a large gate guarded with four emblems. You’re required to complete all four of the rooms with decorated item emblems to unlock it. First, hit the crystal switch to spawn a save portal. Don’t go through it – instead, pull one of the gargoyle statues out of the way and drop back to 1F. You land on the central platform in front of a chest. Open it to claim a small key, then head through the portal and return to 3F.  

With the key, unlock the west door of 3F’s main hall. Behind the door lies a staircase leading to the fourth floor. 

Lorule Castle – 4F  

Open the chest in this hall to claim the compass. There’s another important treasure you should collect in this hall. Slash the two lit torches near the compass chest. This darkens the room and reveals two narrow chains to the south. Walk across one of them to reach a large chest containing the red mail. The red tunicincreases your defense tremendously and allows Link to sustain more damage than the blue mail! 

Lamp Chamber (4F)  

While you’re up here, it’s a good idea to head inside the lamp chamber (one of the four rooms that’s required to open the gate on 3F). Enter it by stepping on the tile in front of the northwest door. To get through this hall, extinguish the lit torch to close the wall behind you, and to reveal a shadow walkway. Get a good look at the path, then ignite the torch to open the next wall. Follow the trail carefully to the next torch and put it out. Check the right path, put out the torch, and then follow the path to your right to bypass the next wall.  

Reach the next torch and swipe it for another clue. Turn the lights back and head left, leading to a chest containing a small key. Now work your way towards the north ledge by following the trail to the right, igniting the torch again to clear the walls. Ignore the floor portal and unlock the north door to reach 5F. Now you must defeat the mace knight in a dark room. Use a distant weapon (preferably the Ice Rod) and block when he circles his mace. With him defeated, step into the floor portal to return to 3F’s main hall. 

Bomb Chamber (3F)  

Enter the bomb chamber from the 3F’s northwest door by stepping on the tile in front of it. In the bomb chamber, you’ll need to rely on the crystal switches and your bombs to get through. Work your way to the center part of the room by switching the crystals with your bombs and clearing the paths (toss a bomb over the blue blocks when you’re blocked in). When you reach the blue blocks against the south wall in the central section, toss a bomb in front of the crystal and stand on the blue blocks to raise you to the second level of the hall.  

On the second level of this hall, go south. You’ll notice a crystal switch to your right – toss a bomb over the red blocks to activate it, lowering the walls beside you. Now, toss another bomb at the crystal switch then stand on the red blocks to your left, lifting you to the third level of the chamber. A bomb flower can be seen on this level to your right. Toss a bomb over the red wall to detonate the bomb flower. This destroys the large rock blocking the bomb flower. Return to the crystal switch and activate it using the same bomb technique as before (standing on the red blocks) to raise you in front of the crystal. Merge into the south wall and wrap around to the bomb flower.  

Hit the crystal switch so it’s blue (lowering the red blocks). Lead the bomb flower to the left corner and go north. Move onward and dismiss the minions. Toss a bomb over the walls to trigger the crystals north of you. You’ll have to do this multiple times to reach the large rock to the north. Once you do, detonate the bomb flower to destroy the large rock, and then collect the small key in the chest.  

Drop down and unlock the door nearby to access the second floor, where you’ll battle the giant centipede (the same one from the Tower of Hera). Remember to stab its tail to damage it. The only drawback is the walls enclose around you, giving you limited movement. Merge into the walls if you have to! When the monster is defeated, head through the warp to return to the main hall of 3F. The door’s emblem glows, indicating you’ve only got two chambers to tackle.  

Lorule Castle – 4F 

Hookshot Chamber (4F)  

Now let’s clear the Hookshot chamber next. Return to 4F by exiting the third floor’s west staircase. The Hookshot chamber is located next to the lamp chamber to the right. Pull the lever next to the door with the Hookshot to open it. In here, you’ll need to deal with a pesky Wallmaster. Hide underneath the catwalks to prevent from being grabbed. Make your way over to the east side, and use the Ice Rod to cross the lava and reach a moving platform. Ride it across to discover a lever on the wall. Pull the lever (when the Wallmaster isn’t present) with the Hookshot to activate another moving platform. Ride that one to the west side of the room.  

Merge into the left wall and go south. This puts you underneath an eyeball; one of two which you need to place in the statues near the locked door. It’s resting on a cracked surface, so lead the Wallmaster above it – it’ll smack the eye down to you. Position the eye to the north end of this ledge. Now return to the east side (by merging) and riding the platform. Get on the platform moving westward, and grab the eye with the Hookshot. Place the eye in the slot.  

Another eye is needed. Proceed to the northeast side of the room to discover a raft in the lava. Board the raft and get around by latching onto the walls with the Hookshot. You’ll need to position yourself underneath the floor switch above you to open the gate ahead. Once you do, continue forward and merge when the Wallmaster appears.  The path leads you to land in the north section of the chamber. 

You will notice three floor switches on the ground. Place the statue on one switch, then wait for the Wallmaster to appear. The trick here is to veer the Wallmaster above one of the switches – when it does, quickly move onto the other floor switch that’s not active. If done correctly, Link stands on one switch, the statue on the other, and the Wallmaster triggers the third one! Doing so unlocks the south wall. Head over there and stand underneath the eyeball on the above ledge. Allow the Wallmaster to smash the cracked ledge, lending you the second eye. Toss the eye on the raft and bring it to the second statue, revealing a chest. Open it for a small key. Unlock the door and battle the Swamp Palace boss. Remember, use the Hookshot to pull its eyes off and expose its body. Defeating him activates the third emblem in the gate on 3F.  

Lorule Castle – 3F 

The Last Chamber  

The last chamber that seals the large gate is on the third floor. Go through the northeast door on 3F. Blocks emerge as you cross over the lava in this hall. Work your way to the north part, and stay right. The blocks lead you to a spike ball and a gargoyle statue. Push the statue out of the way to free the spike ball. Follow behind it so it rolls all the way down to the south end of the block path. The tone beeps, and the south door opens. Veer right to have larger blocks emerge from the lava. Merge around them to reach a room to the south. 

In this hall, block the tiles that fly out at you. Your shield does the trick, but you can also spawn blocks by standing near the edges. Once both floors are vanished, a staircase is formed next to you, and both doors open. Ascend the stairs and head through the door to the right. 

Back in the previous room, follow the block path to the northeast side of the room. You’ll see some spiked balls rolling into the lava in front of the chest. The idea here is to stand close to the ball and form bridge blocks so it rolls down to the south end of the hall, knocking another ball stuck in the process. To do so, follow the ball closely (from the right) and merge into the walls and blocks about halfway, making haste to the south end. You don’t want to go too fast, or the blocks will disappear! When the ball hits the other one, it falls into place, creating a pathway for you to the chest. The chest is in front of the spiked ball’s spawn point, so side step quickly to snag the small key.  

 Make your way to the locked door on the other side of the hall and unlock it. This leads you back to 2F, and pits you against a giant Bari. Two platforms are your standing ground, and move periodically above the lava. To end this fight quickly, freeze the critter with the Ice Rod for a guaranteed hit, and to void its electricity defense. Destroy its offspring when it explodes, and another floor portal emerges in the room. Step inside the portal to return to 3F.  

Lorule Castle – 3F 

The Gate Shall Open  

With all four main chambers cleared, the gate in 3F’s main hall opens. Be sure to save before heading through, because the path leads to the final boss! The gate leads to Hyrule’s high floor. If you’re in need of health recovery, slip through the cracked portal and heal up from the fairies. When you’re ready, shift back to Lorule and follow the long bridge to your right, leading to the throne room. Here, you’ll watch a cinema, and battle the final boss of the game! 


Phase One  

We don’t want to spoil this epic fight, so we’re keeping the climax a hush. The first stage of the battle has the boss wave his giant spear at Link. He has a large range of attack, so stay a fair distance. The best opportunity to strike is immediately after he strikes because he’s vulnerable for a split moment. Note that the boss charges up his weapon and executes a deadly thrust. To avoid this, keep your legs moving and move around the room. Eventually, the boss switch’s up his game and waves his giant spear around. Stay clear of it and wait for him to reappear before attacking again. At one point, he disappears and casts bolts around the room. Keep moving! 

Phase Two 

After enough damage has been inflicted, another cinema takes place, and the final boss has upped his game. His attacks change significantly – this time, he fires an energy ball at you. Bounce the energy ball back and forth with your sword until it strikes him. From this point, he merges into the wall, and you’re given a new special item. This special item can only be used when you’re merged within a wall. Equip your new weapon and merge into the wall. Fire the weapon at any direction; the boss will block your first attack each time. Now quickly exit the wall and merge behind him, then follow up with another shot. If done correctly, your shot will nail the boss right in the rear, and he’ll emerge out of the wall. This is your cue to go in and strike him! 

Repeat the process above to close in on the finale. The second time the boss merges into the wall, you’ll need to change your strategy. Merge into the wall and wait for him to charge at you. When he does, merge out of the wall. He’ll brake upon you exiting the wall, allowing you to fire another shot from behind him!  

The final segment of the battle challenges you to bounce two energy balls back at him. It gets crazy here – tap the B button rapidly and don’t stop! Once you’ve given him a taste of his own medicine, he merges back into the wall. Merge in with him and fire your last shot from the opposite direction of where he’s looking – your shot will swing around the wall and strike him from behind. At this final moment, the boss merges out of the wall. Go in and deliver the final blow!  

Congrats! You’ve completed The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Two Worlds! 

Special thanks to the authors of the Prima Official Guide and the book’s help in making this walkthrough! 

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