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Left 4 Dead Creator Joins Resolution Games For An Even Bigger Gaming Catalog

by Liana Ruppert

Mike Booth is not only the creator of Left 4 Dead but he also led Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and was the creative director for Facebook before making new moves to join the board of directors over at Resolution Games in an effort to enrich content experiences significantly. 

“What drew me to Resolution Games is the team’s passion and dedication to creating innovative and immersive gameplay in what’s proving to be an incredibly powerful, yet still somewhat challenging technology,” said Booth in a recent press statement. “I’ve seen Tommy [Palm, CEO of Resolution Games] and his team create diverse, high-quality content that pushes the boundaries of what is possible while bringing new people into gaming, which is a very hard thing to do. I’m looking forward to working with this talented group and navigating this field together, even moving beyond the studio’s usual genres to really push the boundaries of what can be done in games.”

Having made quite a few incredible experiences himself, Booth is the perfect fit for this transfer made even better with CEO of Resolution Games, Tommy Palm, being a fan of his work from the past. 

“I’ve been playing games that Mike created for decades, and we’re so excited to add this legend not only to our board but also as a hands-on creative advisor to our teams as we bring our games to market,” said Tommy Palm, CEO of Resolution Games. “At Resolution Games, we know that in order to make the best games, you need the best and most creative minds. Having Mike join our team and share in our vision as we venture into a more hardcore games space will ensure we are creating the best possible experiences.”

Booth is diving right in with hi snew role by taking a very hands-on approach to several different gaming titles on the horizon that have yet to be announced as well as a few that have already been revealed, like Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale. 

You can learn more about Resolution Games right here through their official website! And to Booth, the best of luck in your new adventures! 

“Resolution Games is a Stockholm, Sweden based studio focused on creating virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) immersive experiences for all — from games to non-gamers alike. We aim to go further when it comes to what one can do with VR and AR across social engagement, character development and gameplay — taking full advantage of the incredible sense of presence and immersion possible with VR and AR. We love games and have loved games more or less our entire lives. Our core is great games because that is what we want for ourselves: games that help us relax, make us laugh, and excite us.

“To date, we have created several VR games including Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs, Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!, Bait!, Wonderglade, Narrows and more. With over a century of experience playing and developing games we truly believe that VR and AR will rock the gaming world and couldn’t be happier to be a part of making that happen.”

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