The first bit of DLC for Valve’s popular co-op zombie-shooter has been announced, it’s to be titled The Passing and will feature the original playable characters from the first game.

The price for the content, set for release on PC and Xbox 360, will apparently be divulged “closer to launch”.

The new campaign puts the characters from both games in rural Georgia, and is set just after the events of L4D1.

It’s been confirmed that players will definitely control the characters from L4D2 in the campaign though we don’t yet know if there’s a chance to control our old friends from the first game.

The Passing, as well as featuring the all-new campaign, will also give access to new Survival, Scavenge and Versus maps. It’ll also bring new weapons in the shape of a gun, melee weapon and one new common infected.

Doug Lombardi said the new DLC features "a huge offering of new gameplay content, with something new for every game mode plus a new uncommon common and weaponry".