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Leak Suggest Titans May Come To Apex Legends

by Prima Games Staff

Although Apex Legends is an extremely popular battle royale game right now, Titanfall fans are still wondering why there aren’t and gigantic titans in the game. After all, Apex is supposed to be set in the Titanfall universe. Well, dataminers may have found the answer to that question. By sorting through the code, they found that titans could be easily added in a future update, so there’s at least a possibility of it happening.

But fans shouldn’t put too much stock in this rumor. Respawn Entertainment producer Drew McCoy told PC Gamer that Apex was originally designed with all Titanfall gameplay features, including titans, wall running, double jumps, and even triple jumps. But the team didn’t put any hard requirements for what it meant to set a game in the Titanfall universe. They eventually felt that the gameplay mechanics hurt the experience because high vertical mobility made for an extremely complex game.


So, it’s very likely that the titan code is leftover from the testing phases. But anything is possible. Maybe someday soon, we’ll be battling in giant robotic suits in Kings Canyon. 

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