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League of Legends Anime “Arcane” Announced on Tenth Anniversary Stream

by Ginny Woo

For those who just can’t get enough of the lore behind League of Legends, well, we don’t blame you. Over the decade that the game has been running, there have been countless lore overhauls, plenty of new characters and factions introduced, and the caliber of stories has climbed to ever-increasing heights. Now, it’s time for the League of Legends anime and boy, are we excited. 

Sure, there were a ton of other exciting announcements at the League of Legends tenth anniversary stream, but quite a few of those were rumors that had already built up a sizeable following. We can’t exactly say that we’ve been able to anticipate this one, folks. Currently titled Arcane, this animated series looks like its drawn inspiration from a whole bunch of the stories that fans are already familiar with when it comes to Runeterra.

From the pits of Zaun and Piltover to iconic landscapes and faces that we absolutely can’t forget (Jinx is definitely up to no good here), Arcane looks poised to tell a wholly original tale replete with magic, power, cursed technology, and all the good trappings of chaos. The footage shown off so far from the tenth anniversary stream looks like it’s going to tell a feel-good tale with a cast of young upstarts. However, this definitely isn’t going to be the Dragon Prince. There’s some pretty adult material in League of Legends, and it looks like the series won’t shy away from addressing it if it needs to.

We’re not quite sure what else Arcane is going to offer, seeing as how we’ve only been gifted with under a minute of actual cinematic footage, but judging by the Senna reveal that also took place on the livestream it’s anything goes when it comes to what we can expect from the Riot team in the future. Check out our scoop on League of Legends mobile if you’ve just wrapped up the livestream and you’re dying to plunge back into the world of Runeterra for more. Otherwise, we’ve also got some information on the LoL trading card game that you can currently pre-register for.

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