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League of Legends Mobile Game Reportedly In Development

by Liana Ruppert

The age of mobile gaming is definitely here with more and more ports, evergreen games, and mobile VR experiences continuing to pour in. Because of that, a recent report that Tencent and Riot Games are teaming up to bring Leauge of Legends to cell phones everywhere shouldn’t be all that surprising. 

According to a report from Reuters, the development of a League of Legends mobile experience has been one in the works for some time, though the implementation of this idea has caused some tension between the two companies. Riot Games declined a mobile pitch made by Tencent years ago, according to the site’s report, though it looks like Tencent’s release of a similar game called Honour of Kings in China has turned the tide.

Honour of Kings first made its debut back in 2015 and quickly became a top performer for the country in the MOBA genre. Tencent then capitalized on this success by releasing Arena of Valor, a global adaptation of Honour of Kings, worldwide years later and though it didn’t rise to the success of Kings, it did further tensions between Riot and the Chinese company. 

According to Reuters, the League of Legends mobile game won’t see a 2019 launch, though the report does say that development is well underway. Given that League of Legends continues to dominate charts in terms of viewership even 10 years after launch, a dip into the mobile market wouldn’t be the worst idea. 

Though the site claims several sources have confirmed the info, it’s important to take the report with a grain of salt until either Tencent or Riot Games makes the official announcement. 

Liana Ruppert

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