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League of Legends Animated TV Series ‘Arcane’ Hit With Hefty Delay Due to COVID-19

by Liana Ruppert

The world is on fire and it’s easy to forget that a large part of the world is still combating a global pandemic with COVID-19, and that means daily routines and professional progress is also affected. One of the many projects to be hit with the disruption is Riot Games’ League of Legends animated TV series, which has just been confirmed to be delayed until 2021. 

The Arcane TV series is set up to follow the journey of several key League of Legends champions in a narrative rooted in Zaun and Piltover as a prequel to the game. Arcane is set to act as an origin story for a few beloved champions, including Jinx, as well as a necessary lore entry into the bigger story arc that Riot Games has built. It’s a stunning addition to a game that continues to be the top of the top and though a delay is disappointing, it is understandable with so many still in quarantine. 

“Everyone here at Riot is bummed. We were really looking forward to bringing you the show this year, but we need to balance our excitement for the story with the safety and well-being of our teams and partners. Our revised plan is to release Arcane in 2021, so stay tuned to our channels for more specific updates as we get closer.”

While much of the legwork is done, creative development and production is difficult to do when the teams can’t actually get together to produce said creative work. While video meetings have helped keep progress going, that doesn’t replace some of the needs required to make a production like this. That being said, despite the pandemic, Riot has been slaying it when it comes to keeping fans happy as evident with the wild success of their newest game: Valorant. 

There is no specific release date info at this time other than that League of Legends: Arcane won’t be making its previously set 2020 timeline. But that’s OK, being safe is the most important thing here and it sounds like the teams are taking all of the steps to make sure everyone is healthy and happy.

For now, League of Legends ‘Arcane’ is set to make its TV debut sometime in 2021. What are your thoughts on the delay and what we’ve learned so far about the animated series? Are there any champions in particular that you are looking forward to the most? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames. Best hot take gets assigned a new champion to play for the rest of the week. 

Liana Ruppert

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