Nintendo has done a fairly good job when it comes to offering rewards to gamers who amass points from purchases, surveys and other Nintendo-oriented activities.  Now you can buy some fresh new rewards for either your Wii/Wii U or 3DS consoles, provided you have the money to do it.

Starting today, you can access a 3DS Virtual Console game, 3D Classics: Kid Icarus, for 150 coins – a fairly good deal in virtual currency.  In addition, the Game Boy classic Starship Defense is also available, for the same price of 150 coins.

If the Wii or Wii U is more your thing, you can reap a couple of rewards for them as well.  The SNES classic Super Punch-Out can be yours for 150 coins, pitting you against a plethora of powerful boxers.  Or, if you prefer some old-school multiplayer fun, you can download the Nintendo 64 party favorite Mario Tennis, which never gets old.  It's 150 coins as well.

The offered titles are only available through April 7th, so get to buying!  You can find all the games here.