Latest FFXIV Update Might Have Revealed its Upcoming Caster Job

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Final Fantasy XIV New Job Reveal Featured

The 6.5 patch for Final Fantasy XIV has only brought half of its main story content, but they knew exactly what they were cooking by adding a possible reveal for one of the new Jobs in Dawntrail. The final cutscene included a small scene, which includes an almost-confirmation of which Caster job we’ll be getting in the upcoming expansion.

Spoiler warning:

This article includes spoilers for the latest MSQ content in Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.5, so be warned.

In the final story moments, we get a cutscene with Krile receiving a letter addressed to her grandfather, Galuf. It included a commission to investigate the golden city of Tural, as well as a mysterious green earring. And this very earring, familiar to some of the most avid fans of the series, is the giveaway for our caster-to-be.

The earring represents the symbol of the Green Mage job in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Being a more recent addition to the series, Green Mage is not as popular compared to the other colored mages, and it’s dedicated to applying buffs and debuffs in battle.

Merely revealing its symbol usually wouldn’t be enough to deem it “confirmed,” as other jobs like Geomancer were revealed to exist in XIV despite not being playable. But we have some more indicative of Green Mages being a real possibility in the upcoming expansion.

Tural (the place where Green Mages are supposed to come from) is also home to the Whalaqee tribe, the creators of blue magic. Both can be placed on an “unusual” spectrum of magic whenever they appear in games, so it makes sense that both would hail from a seemingly unknown continent.

There’s also the infamous Yoshi-P t-shirt tease. During FFXIV Fan Fest 2023 in Las Vegas, he was seen using a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt, who are popularly known as the “Heroes in a Half-Shell”. Shell is a common Spell for Green Mages, and turtles were still green the last time I checked. It feels like a stretch, but this is nothing compared to the pre-Stormblood era when a Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man shirt was meant to tease Samurai.

To give Green Mage more credibility, it was mentioned in the “From Eorzea with Love” Japanese radio show that Krile would get a bigger spotlight during 7.0. Getting the girl a new job would be the perfect way to do so, especially if it’s one of the new ones. She’s currently a caster, so it makes sense for her to swap to a new one.

Most people would bet on Painter/Pictomancer as the new Caster, but those brave Green Mage believers out there deserve a shoutout. We don’t know how Green Mage could fit in the current state of the game, but it might be a more support-focused DPS in a similar way to Dancer.

The pre-expansion period is always a wild one, with some insane theories popping up, and it gets even more exciting when people hit the mark with those. The Melee DPS is still shrouded in mystery, though. Nothing has thrown the Corsair theory off the board just yet, and this is still my favorite guess for the role.

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