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Latest Dead Rising 3 Trailer Tells a Story

by Prima Games Staff

With the Xbox One just over a week away from release at retail, Microsoft continues to build the excitement, this time with a new trailer for Capcom Vancouver’s Dead Rising 3, which you can view below.

This one’s a little more story oriented, as it focuses on mechanic Nick Ramos, a man in the wrong place at the wrong time as he battles a horde of zombies. However, those are just part of his problem, as he’ll also need to contend with humans, including a rambunctious biker gang that isn’t interested in being friends.

Along with some new cinematics, this trailer also features plenty of action, including a few awesome weapons created by Nick. You’ll have the opportunity to build these in-game as well, provided you can find the necessary items to fuse them together.

Dead Rising 3 arrives on November 22nd. 

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