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Lady Dimitrescu Is Almost Twice As Tall As An Xbox Refrigerator

by Jesse Vitelli

Have you ever wondered how tall Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil: Village is? Of course, you have because we all have. She is the tall vampire lady that is taking Twitter by storm, and rightfully so. 

Lady Dimitrescu Is Almost Twice As Tall As An Xbox Refrigerator

Capcom last night gave official confirmation that Lady Dimistrescu is 9 feet 6 inches tall when wearing her hat and heels, and honestly, that’s even taller than I thought. 

Capcom knew we were dying for more Resident Evil Village information, but more specifically, we wanted to learn more about her. 

The jokes didn’t stop there. Now that Capcom is leaning into all of the thirst surrounding the tall vampire lady, Xbox decided to get in on the fun.

Did you know that Lady Dimistrescu is almost twice the height of the Xbox Series X fridge? 

That’s right if you ever need help moving your fridge, you know who to call. She has height, strength, beauty, and grace. She will most likely try to kill you on sight, but hey, I’m not here to judge whatever you’re into. 

The internet will continue to be thirsty for tall lady vampire much after the game’s release, and I expect Capcom and others to lean even further into this weird pocket of the internet surrounding her. 

So yeah, Lady Dimistrescu is an icon, and maybe one day we will see her in Super Smash Bros. or some other crazy collaboration.  

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