La-Mulana originally started life as an indie adventure, developed years ago for the PC front, but the development team at Nigoro pushed to make the game for console release, as a title for the Nintendo Wii.  For years it's been languishing in development hell, and at one point, the game's publisher, Nicalis, explained that the project was cancelled, due to the lack of interest in WiiWare games.  Sigh…

But would that be enough to keep a good adventurer down?  No!  EnjoyUp Games recently stepped up and announced that it would be publishing the game for the service, and, yesterday, it finally kept its word, as the adventurous La-Mulana hit the eShop for 1000 Wii points ($10).  And from what we've played so far, it's worth every penny.

The game is a side-scrolling adventure of sorts, where you collect treasures, solve puzzles and defeat enemies, old-school style.  But you'll need to prepare yourself well for the challenges that lie ahead, as some enemies aren't so easily beaten.

Check out the game now, because it's probably the last great WiiWare game we'll get before the conversion over to the Wii U service.  (On the bright side, you can transfer this game over to your new device with ease.  Whee!)