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L4D2 toolset out now on PC

by Prima Games Staff

Valve have brought out a Left 4 Dead 2 toolset to enable modders to create maps for other gamers.

Don’t worry though, if you’re not up for the idea of creating your own maps there’s still something for you; the add-on support package will allow gamers to play on custom maps made by others, including those from the first title.

If you’re into map-making you’ll need to download the Authoring Tools. These are just like those from the first game but with a few extra bits. Gamemode Logic is one new feature, which will intelligently self-edit maps to adapt them to the mode being played. Another new feature is Director Logic, this detects particularly capable teams and makes the game a little harder.

There’s full support for Scavenge mode and an illustrated manual to help you start modding.

The Left 4 Dead blog has all the information on where to get it all.

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