Even though it's since been overshadowed by newer games, L.A. Noire definitely left its mark in 2011 when Rockstar Games released it in 2011.  Its motion capture imagery is fantastic, and the cases you found yourself up against challenged you at every turn.  But even you dedicated Noire players probably didn't see this coming – a gag reel has been released.

Depth Analysis, the Australian motion-capture company that developed the awesome Motionscan technology that was used by the developers at Team Bondi, have released the gag reel to show that not every take of the game was perfect.  It's a bit peculiar seeing these characters crack up or screw up their lines.

Note: the clip does have some rather frank language, so you might not want to play it on your computer if you're at work or have kids around.  But it's definitely worth watching, as you get to see the technology in action when the actors are less than perfect.  The results just may surprise you.  Or at least make you chuckle. Check it out below.

L.A. Noire is available now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.