I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite mash-up pack on the Citadel. And by Citadel, we mean Minecraft because another Mass Effect invasion is happening and it comes bringing FemShep, Krogan, and so much more! 

From taking down Kai-Leng once more to seeing our favorite blueberry in her full pixelated glory, the Mass Effect pack brings with it iconic characters from the Mass Effect trilogy and brings them front and center in Minecraft. Thankfully, no Reapers ... we think. But there is Garrus Vakarian, so already our day is a little bit brighter. 


Aria, Samara, EDI, the whole crew is here and they are ready to rock the world of Minecraft. According to the studio behind Minecraft, "This star-spanning adventure takes you to nostalgic Mass Effect locations such as the Mars Base Camp, and lets you assume direct control of 36 unique skins – including Commander Shephard, Liara, Illusive Man, Garrus, and all the other characters from the trilogy you know and love. Did I mention there are krogans? There are totally krogans!

"If you never had the pleasure of fighting evil aliens or thwarting the plans of indoctrinated Cerberus lackeys – now’s the perfect time to try! The Mass Effect Mash-up pack also comes with custom-made game textures, Mass Effect-themed menus, and a Mass Effect 3 soundtrack compilation that gets you just in the perfect mood for saving the Milky Way!"

The Mass Effect Minecraft pack is available now right here through the marketplace