Remember the good ol' days of Contra?  Entering that 30-man live code and then rampaging with a friend to get to the heart – and I mean the literal "heart" – of Red Falcon's organization?  Well, you may be reliving those again very soon.

Apparently a video has been released indicating that there is a new Contra game available in the Chinese App Store, for download on iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices.  The game is called Contra Evolution, and it looks suspiciously close to the original NES/arcade game, but with revitalized graphics, an improved soundtrack, and responsive touch-screen controls.  It didn't indicate whether the game was supported by two players, but it's got more than enough action to go around for one.

The game hasn't been officially announced for the U.S. market, but considering Contra still gets a fairly big draw here in the States, it's really only a matter of time before Konami eventually releases it.  Here's hoping the 30-man code still works, though.

To see more of Contra Evolution, check out the video below.  At least seven minutes of action, across a number of devices.  Excite!