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Knights of the Old Republic Out on iPad

by Prima Games Staff

Ever since its release on PC and the original Xbox almost a decade ago (yikes, we’re old), BioWare’s Knights of the Old Republic has been heralded as a classic by both dedicated Star Wars players and casual fans alike.  Now the game is making a comeback on the mobile front.

Yesterday, IGN published a review for the previously unannounced iPad edition of the game.  Most of the game’s content remains intact for the mobile version, which is a genuine surprise.  As you might expect, players might have to make a slight adjustment to touch-screen controls compared to using a controller or keyboard.

IGN gave the game high marks and sent avid Star Wars fans seeking the game out on the App Store, but it wasn’t immediately available for the U.S. market just yet.  The Force was strong with us though, since Knights of the Old Republic just dropped into the App Store for ten bucks.  GO!  A Jedi life awaits you!