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Knack Getting Companion App on Mobile

by Prima Games Staff

Knack is one of the PlayStation 4’s biggest games, an all-ages platformer with innovative visuals and fun gameplay. To help get players excited for it – and carry on the little guy’s adventures when you’re away from the system – a companion app is being prepared for use on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Speaking with, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida confirmed the app, stating that it’ll bring a separate experience of the game that players can interact with.

“We’ve totally shifted our way of thinking,” said Yoshida. “Through the companion apps, the official PlayStation app, and game-dedicated apps.”

“In some cases, we’re creating small games that go with PS4 titles. We’re releasing a puzzle game themed around Knack that you can play for free. It’s fun, and by playing the game you earn some items that you can use on PS4. People might be motivated, because they’ve already unlocked some items, to take a look at what this Knack game on the PS4 is all about.”

No word on when the mobile app will release, but we expect to see it November 15th, when both the system and game debut.

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