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Kirby Superstar Arrangement Wins Grammy Award

Now Kirby truly is a super star

by Lucas White

Kirby and the Forgotten Land somehow isn’t the biggest news in pink alien gaming news this year. During the 64th Grammy Awards, an orchestral arrangement of a classic Kirby song was a surprise winner, no doubt confusing dozens of audience members and possibly Nintendo employees. Performed by The 8-Bit Big Band, the song is Meta Knight’s Revenge from Kirby Superstar.

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This particular arrangement was authored by Charlie Rosen & Jake Silverman, who accepted the Grammy. The song was performed by The 8-Bit Big Band, a full orchestra comprising anywhere from 30-65 members depending on the song. Composter Button Masher was also involved. You can check out a video of the arrangement being performed here:

If you’ve played Kirby games, or any Kirby-adjacent games (Smash Bros.!) chances are you’ve heard this song before. Meta Knight’s Revenge shares its title (sort of) with the game mode it debuted in, Revenge of Meta Knight. This mode is one of the toughest games in Kirby Superstar, a gauntlet of seven time-limited stages set on board the Halberd, Meta Knight’s destructive warship.

Lucas White

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