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E3 2017: Kirby Bounces to the Nintendo Switch in 2018

by Josh Hawkins

The Nintendo Switch is already looking to have a big 2018, and today during the Nintendo E3 2017 Direct they announced quite a few titles, which are currently in the works. One of these titles, Kirby For Nintendo Switch (Nintendo has stated this is a working title), will bring the wonderful pink hero who has made a name for himself by eating his enemies to the Switch in full HD. We’ve got all the details below, so check them out to see when you can expect to join Kirby on his latest adventure.

Kirby will arrive on the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2018. Nintendo has not specified a specific release date just yet, but we did finally learn some details about the upcoming game in its first trailer, which Nintendo revealed this morning.

In Kirby for Nintendo Switch, players will return to the wonderful world of gaming’s favorite pink hero, where they’ll be able to eat and copy their enemy’s abilities, just like you could in previous Kirby titles. New features include a 4-player cooperative system, which will allow users to play together with help of the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers.

Kirby can also recruit up to three enemies to help him, and even imbue his copied abilities with even stronger elements like wind, water, fire, and electricity. This means players will be able to eat enemies like Sword Knight or Blade Knight and then mix those abilities with powers from other enemies. Nintendo has not yet revealed whether they will release any additional Amiibo for the upcoming Kirby title, so we’ll have to wait for more details on that in the future.

We’ll be sure to update this article with even more information as it becomes available, but for now you can check out the official announcement trailer—and get a taste of the action that awaits you in Kirby’s newest adventure—by clicking on the video below.