During the final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character reveal Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series was announced. Alongside this announcement, however, came another special announcement for Kingdom Hearts fans. 

Kingdom Hearts Trilogy Coming To Nintendo Switch As Cloud Versions 

The series, which has been absent from mainline Nintendo Consoles are getting released on the Nintendo Switch. There is a caveat however though. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter prologue, and Kingdom Hearts 3 will make their way to the Switch as Cloud Versions of the game. 

 This means that won’t see a physical release or be able to be downloaded to your console, you’ll have to play them through internet streaming. You don’t need a Nintendo Switch Online service to access these games, but you will need a solid internet connection. 

The release dates for these versions of the games have not been revealed and will be talked about more at a later date. 

You can check out the full Mr. Sakurai presents Sora down below to see the new fighter in action as well as the announcement of the trilogy coming to the Nintendo Switch. 

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