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Kingdom Hearts’ Sora Closes Out the Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster

by Lucas White

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai released his final “Mr. Sakurai Presents” video, revealing the final DLC addition to the game’s roster.

Sora, the protagonist across almost the entirety of the Kingdom Hearts series, is closing out the roster of 89 (by Nintendo’s estimation) playable fighters.

He also comes with a stage, nine music tracks and several alternate costumes from throughout the series. He also uses his original Keyblade, which may be the most expensive render in Smash Bros. history thanks to its Mickey Mouse charm.

Kingdom Hearts’ Sora Closes Out the Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster

Sakurai showed off Sora in a trailer that continued the original Smash Bros. Ultimate reveal trailer from several years ago. Sora was introduced as a specialized aerial fighter, with high jumps, combos, tons of recovery options all at a cost of higher launch vulnerability.

His neutral special is rotating magic use, which cycles through classic Square Enix spells Firaga, Thundaga and Blizzaga.

Sakurai also announced a list of nine tracks from the Kingdom Hearts series, all of which are original versions from their respective games. The only arrangement is Sora’s victory theme, which is also accompanied by a unique visual flourish if Sora hits a battle-ending blow.

That said, if your Switch has save data from Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, an additional arrangement from that game is unlockable.

The stage accompanying this final DLC pack is Hollow Bastion, a simple stage with a busy background, showing off the infamous castle. As the battle draws closer to a conclusion, the stage transforms into the Kingdom Hearts series’ representation of characters’ hearts, with the stained glass window showing various other characters from the series.

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Sora will be added to the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster on October 18, 2021. You can purchase his pack on its own for $5.99 or get him as part of the second Fighters Pass. Let us know what you think of this addition down in the comments, or on Facebook or Twitter!



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